A business cannot afford to tolerate the money drain that comes when a partner or a supplier or a customer won’t deliver, won’t pay, or won’t keep an agreement.  We have encountered complex corporate battles, rancorous arguments over broken promises, and intricate Texas Business and Commerce Code disputes.  When the time came, we have won at Court.

Still, the Courthouse is treacherous, and costly, both in money, time, and disruption to your business; and lawyers sometimes earn their description as “sharks.”  A good doctor will tell you that the best medicine is to stay healthy, and a good lawyer will tell you that the best litigator keeps you out of the Courthouse.  Every lawsuit will not require a trial.  You will appreciate our understanding of business, our experience, and our common sense approach to commercial litigation.  We are business people too.  Even through the frustration of a lawsuit, we will pay attention to YOUR bottom line.

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